Thursday, March 12, 2009

Solar power

Solar power has been enlisted as significantly advantageous over other traditional energy sources as it saves our money greatly by cutting our heavily charged electric bills. Its practical use has been increasing day by day because now-a-days, people are becoming more aware about newest renewable energy resources to augment their economical circumstances and lifestyle as well. Though, the use of solar energy is limited by the sunlight, but even if some electricity can be generated in cloudy situations.

There is no need to worry about the position of sun, you will get inexhaustible source of energy without any interruption in supply. Also solar power does not emit any harmful radiation while generating electricity, thus is friendlier to our environment. No more, there is any need to hang over dangling wires, solar power retains the capability of flexibility. Solar panels can be easily mounted on our rooftops, while for lightening garden smaller solar cells can be put into use.

The best advantage of solar power can be utilized in remote areas where it becomes impossible to connect with mains power. Also the installation of solar panels is relatively inexpensive.

Solar power has extended its applications in several fields, almost in every perspective of life whether it is cooking in kitchen or is evaporation of salt from pond. Now-a-days, solar energy has been also utilized for designing mobile phones. For making it a transportable and storable fuel, it also controls several chemical reactions. Solar power has been also utilized in some vehicles for auxiliary power like for reduction in fuel consumptions and also in air conditioning to keep the interior of vehicle cool.

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