Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to use solar energy

The sun continuously produces a large amount of energy called solar energy. The solar energy is produced in the sun by the process of atomic fusion. This solar energy can be captured and used for different purposes, both commercial and domestic.

Solar energy is used in various devices that absorb solar energy and then use it for various purposes. Solar energy can be used in devices in several ways. In a solar oven, solar energy is used for cooking. This type of an oven has a concave mirror that is used to reflect the sun’s energy onto the food that has to be cooked. Solar collectors use solar energy to heat water. These devices are mounted on roof tops at places where there is sufficient sunlight. The collectors absorb solar energy and this energy heats up water. Solar batteries use solar energy to produce power. They use photocells that absorb solar energy to produce power. Solar furnaces are covered with mirrors on all sides to form a huge concave mirror. The solar energy reflected by the concave mirror is used for heating purposes. Solar panels are used in remote places to supply power. They absorb solar energy and convert it to electrical energy through a series of chemical steps.

Solar energy can also be used to meet the electricity needs of industries. Solar energy is also used to meet the heating, lighting and water pumping needs of developing countries.

Solar energy is so widely used because it is readily available, reliable and the devices using solar energy are easy to maintain.

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